Both of our 8 lane computer controlled tracks are available for Birthday Party hire.

We recommend a minimum of 8 children with no maximum, but please be mindful of the time and effort taken to organizing larger bookings. From our experience and from a parent’s perspective and their feedback, we find a party of up to 16 children is manageable.

As the “Party Track” has eight lanes we divide the party into two groups and we put on Group A for the first race whilst the children in Group B assist with marshalling which is putting errant cars back on the track. The cars and lanes are all colour coded i.e. green car goes on the green lane – We then rotate the groups with the Group B children becoming the drivers and The Group A children marshall (Kids have just as much fun marshalling as they do racing and are fully occupied the whole time!). We then repeat the procedure to ensure each child has completed their 3 races. We usually do 4 races to start (Approx. 40 minutes), have the meal break and then 2 races to finish with cake at the end.
Groups of 8 or less children have a 4 race format (40 minutes track time) and are all racing at the same time. With this format we start the party with 2 races (Approx. 20 minutes), have a large meal break and then 2 races to finish with cake at the end. It is possible to purchase additional races at $4.80 per child, per race time permitting. We need to know this information before the party.
For parties of 24 or more children, a 2 hour time slot is recommended. 

The hire cars are the larger 1/24th scale using a flexi car chassis and Hawk 7 motor. They have impact resilient Lexan bodies, 20mm wide rear tyres for extra grip and are capable of lap times of less than 10 seconds per lap. They are designed to be a comfortable introduction to slot car racing even for the youngest racer.

We recommend a minimum age of 3 years for birthday parties.
Children 8 years and under are usually unable to marshal correctly and therefore will require assistance from adults for the marshaling role.
We recommend 2 adults be present at the party.

Party Price

There is a minimum charge for the parties of $150.00 (90 minute format), which is the equivalent of a 10 kid party. We are more than happy to host your event with less than 10 kids, but the minimum charge would apply.
For parties of 11 or more children the cost is $15.00 per child.

Minimum charge for 2 hour format parties is $225.00 (a minimum of 12 kids required).  For parties of 13 or more children, the cost is $17.50 per child. 

Minimum charge for a 2 track party for 90 minutes is $315.00 (a minimum of 18 kids)

Minimum charge for a 2 track party for 120 minutes is $360.00 (a minimum of 18 kids)


For birthday parties you have the full use of the party table which measures 4.1m x 1.1m and is suitable to seat 16 children, fridge/freezer and microwave oven are all available for birthday party bookings. The party table has a fixed seating arrangement and is located within the shop; we also provide tablecloths for your party. If parents wish to decorate the area with balloons, streamers etc., to enhance the birthday theme they are welcome to do so, however we do ask that they be removed and dispensed with when the party is concluded.

As we do not provide food you are welcome to bring your own or have it delivered. Pizza is a very popular option as it is easy for the parents; another option is McDonalds as it is located just up the road. If you wish to order food we ask that you place your order at the beginning of the party so it is cooked/delivered in-time for your meal break. You may bring your food prior to your function and have it stored in the fridge. Please also bring any cooking/serving utensils, paper plates and sufficient disposable drink cups.
From our experience slot car racing is thirsty work so please ensure the children have sufficient liquids to drink. We also sell chilled cans of soft drink and bottled water for $2.00 each.

Please note that alcohol may not be consumed on our premises.

Racing tips

  • Initially all racers should have practice runs on the track prior to the event.
  • The hand controller regulates the speed of the car and whilst we have combined many features into the hire cars to ensure high cornering speeds they are not infallible and will deslot if driven at full speed. We suggest judicial use of the throttle until the racer becomes experienced at car control. The main idea is to clock up the laps by staying in the slot.